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It's never been easier to develop and launch a new product (or a new brand) with our best selling formulas in best selling categories

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Pet Health Too!

We supply quality ingredients that are trusted by owners, breeders, and veterinarians!

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Looking to create your own custom formula?

Bring your own formula or ask about exclusive formulas with U.S. application patents. All patented products are available for private labeling!

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Herbal Ingredients

Over 600 Geo-Authentic and Sustainably Grown Herbal Extracts, Powders, Formulas, and more!

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Our Full-Spectrum Powders And Granules Are Made Using Pure Water Extraction ONLY!

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We use a combination of traditional plant processing methods and patented extraction techniques to ensure our products are free of harsh solvents. By using only pure water, we are able to provide you with full-spectrum extracts containing all of the complex plant compounds found in herbs fresh from the soil.

Learn more about the extraordinary properties of whole herb extracts, the earth's best natural supplements.

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